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If there has been a single defining characteristic of Melania Trump’s public profile over the past year, it has been her relationship with sleeves. They have served as a dramatic flourish. They have been rolled up in empathy. Adrian was exploring the derelict schoolroom when the red fox trotted in, perhaps curious about the human or perhaps just on its rounds. It stopped briefly on the carpet of child sized gas masks, just long enough for a picture, and then exited through a broken window. The school in Pripyat, Ukraine, was abandoned in 1986, as was the whole city, following the catastrophic explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, just 3 kilometres away.

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So I think we’ll be excited to get ready to get the week going

Was talking about trying to throw more left hands, said Konopka. Trying to throw too big of a left hand, and I get off balance. Not good for my back, body, protection. The level of vitrioldirected at Warner in Auckland a year ago verged on alarming, and was poorly policed byground security. If you thought the booing of Wallaby Quade Cooper was bad, this was a whole new level of boorishness and nastiness, from faceless individuals surrounded by the safety blanket of hundreds of fans. It was embarrassing to witness, and continued on and off for the rest of the tour..

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Decorator crabs have undergone a very unique adaptation for concealing and camouflaging themselves. As the name suggests, the decorator crabs snip off material available in their surrounding environment, and decorate their shells. In forming a commensal relationship with the sea sponges, they carve out small pieces of sponges and camouflage themselves using them.

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