This should be of particular interest to a franchisor

Existing mechanical systems were a mess, inefficient, a tangle of ductwork and machinery, and a patchwork of repairs, Kay says. Multilayered systems were concentrated in the basement, which made it difficult to push air to the upper floors. High efficiency boiler now serves the home, and one forced air system serves the basement and first floor and another serves the living quarters of the home.

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The phrase is inked on a crewneck sweatshirt limply hung over a chair. In the dim, congested basement of Mitchell Seymour’s Uptown apartment, the motto means less than the Precambrian water heater to the shirt’s right or the dozen uncapped spray paint cans to its left. But removed from this (or any other) context, “THEY HAVE NO POWER” is just vague enough to embolden Seymour and his lifelong collaborator Caleb Hinz with the frenetic abandon that drives their power pop band the Happy Children..

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Goodwill is normally created through the carrying on of business, although the definition above does not preclude the creation of goodwill through marketing prior to the commencement of trading. This should be of particular interest to a franchisor intending on entering a new geographic area. Goodwill is often inferred where a business is successful enough to spark imitation provided that the mark or trade dress has acquired a secondary meaning, or in other words, have become distinctive of the plaintiff goods or services.

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Background: Kind of, sort of, almost a Bronco, Wake is one of the league best background stories. Although he played his college ball as Derek Wake at high profile Penn State, no one in the NFL saw Wake talent. He signed as an undrafted rookie with the Giants in 2005, but was cut before training camp.

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Sometimes they’re done to help colleagues in need, as in the case of the nurses of UCLA’s 5 North Observation Unit, who decided to forgo their annual holiday gift exchange and donate the funds to counterparts at UC San Diego whose homes were damaged or lost in October’s wildfires. But in all cases, these acts of giving are performed outside of the employees’ full time jobs. Here, then, is our tribute to the 2007 Bruin Angels.

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